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essay development christian doctrine cardinal newman

essay development christian doctrine cardinal newmanEssay development christian doctrine cardinal newman -King and William Webster produced a self-published three-volume series entitled Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith (2001). King is entitled A Biblical Defense of the Reformation Principle of Sola Scriptura.Its vital element needs disengaging from what is foreign and temporary, and is employed in efforts after freedom which become wore vigorous and hopeful as its years increase.Whatever use may fairly be made of this image, it does not apply to the history of a philosophy or belief, which on the contrary is more equable, and purer, and stronger, when its bed has become deep, and broad, and full.Worship in private or even individual worship in public, is not sufficient.In time it enters upon strange territory; points of controversy alter their bearing; parties rise and around it; dangers and hopes appear in new relations; and old principles reappear under new forms. ' Some power then is needed to determine the general sense of authoritative words -- to determine their direction, drift, limits, and comprehension, to hinder gross perversions.I have collected my comments from the discussion] *** [see also my very popular in-depth article on this topic (7497 shares): Posture During the “Our Father” Over Against the Rubrics] *** It’s against the rubrics, folks, which in English means that the Church does not permit it. (8-26-06) *** [This was a chapter intended for my book, The One-Minute Apologist (2007), but not included in the final draft] SACRAMENTALISM Catholics believe that sacraments give grace even if one is in unrepentant sin Isn’t that the point of ex opere operato?the former is not manifested by external acts, but consists in internal adoration; but when this inner sentiment is expressed by words or actions, prostration, genuflexion, the sign of the cross, or any other gesture, it becomes exterior worship.The formula, , remains in use among Christians, but ordinarily God is conceived of by Christians under other titles and with another form. The Apostles and even those who were not His disciples prayed to Him during His life-time: "Lord, if it be thou, bid me to come to thee upon the waters" (Matthew ); "Lord, save us, we perish" (Matthew ); "Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean" (Matthew 8:2; cf. Exorcisms, imposition of hands, anointing of the sick are to be performed in His name: "In my name they shall cast out devils . If you will ask me anything in my name, he will give it you. Ask, and you shall receive; that your joy may be full . It seems probable that the prayer for the choice of Matthias was addressed directly to Him: "Thou, Lord, who knowest the hearts of all men" (Acts ). (Christ) Who is above all blessed forever," and others similar are too numerous for quotation. The Apostolic Fathers and the writers of the first centuries likewise furnish us with an abundant harvest of similar formulas. 614, 654.) In virtue of the same principle and of the equality of the Divine Persons in the Trinity, the Holy Ghost also became the object of Christian worship.(10-10-06) *** I reply to the comments of “drunken tune” (never was there a more apt nickname) on the Debunking Christianity blog: *** Here’s some short answers that most Christians will have trouble with. It’s available on Internet Archive (allow time to upload): parts one / two / three / four / five.Us atheists need not answer them because they do not contradict with [sic] atheism, Well, you have plenty of your own to deal with, so I wouldn’t wish more upon you. The first, basic part of that, summarizing relevant biblical passages, is also available on this website, by itself.In Christianity the worship offered to God has a special character which profoundly differentiates it from Jewish worship, for it is the worship of the Trinity, God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.I have accepted this bit of “common knowledge” myself in the past. On occasion I have heard otherwise, and have seen some materials indicating that the situation is… Were the righteous prophets Samuel and Elijah actually on the wrong side of the issue and on the side of a corrupt tradition later corrected by good Torah-alone proto-Protestants Josiah and Hezekiah? (4-9-06) *** The original 2006 version of this material was a very lengthy dialogue with a Lutheran professor of history, in five parts.) in its most general sense is homage paid to a person or a thing.By the worship in spirit and truth, which was to supplant the ancient worship, is meant less the form of a new worship than the spirit in which worship should be understood.The statements below help to illuminate Newman's understanding of and commitment to some long-standing, traditional Church teachings, including those on conscience, infallibility, and the development of doctrine."I should look to see what theologians could do for me, what the Bishops and clergy around me, what my confessor; what friends whom I have revered: and if, after all, I could not take their view of the matter, then I must rule myself by my own judgement and my own conscience."From Newman's "Certainly, if I am obliged to bring religion into after-dinner toasts, (which indeed does not seem quite the thing) I shall drink, -- to the Pope, if you please, -- still, to Conscience first, and to the Pope afterwards.""Was St. Victor infallible when he separated from his communion the Asiatic Churches? No Catholic ever pretends that these Popes were infallible in these acts.This power is virtually the' ['the judgment of the whole world is secure'].It grows when it incorporates, and its identity is found, not in isolation, but in continuity and sovereignty.The fact remains that works are profoundly involved in the salvation (ultimately by grace) in some sense: St.A quick Google search along these lines shows that many Catholics have accepted these figures, based on polling data. (4-9-06) *** I’d like to deal with a proposed dilemma.essay development christian doctrine cardinal newmanFurthermore, on the same principle it will readily be understood that, in rendering homage to God man may have recourse to animate or inanimate creatures (sacrifice of animals, incense, lights, flowers, etc.).It remains perhaps for a time quiescent; it tries, as it were, its limbs, and proves the ground under it, and feels its way.Its beginnings are no measure of its capabilities, nor of its scope.(2-19-14) *** [originally a short post on Facebook, followed by a huge discussion: 334 comments; the Facebook thread also includes a sub-discussion on clapping for musicians — or anyone else — at Mass.Hence Christian worship is the worship of the Church, the expression of the same faith, and exercised under the supervision of the ecclesiastical authority.While his theological and ecclesiological views resist any simple characterization, there can be little doubt that Newman's positions on the developmental character of Christian doctrine, the primacy of conscience, and the role of the laity in the Church served as a guide and an inspiration for many initiatives discussed and endorsed at Vatican II.The worship of the Jews is directed to God, one, omnipotent, magnificent, sovereign, King of kings, Lord of lords, God of gods, but without distinction of persons. Already He seems to claim for Himself a worship of adoration equal to what he gives the Father: "If two of you shall consent upon earth, concerning anything whatsoever they shall ask, it shall be done to them by my Father who is in heaven. But she came and adored him, saying: Lord, help me" (Matthew ; 25), etc. No sooner is He ascended to glory than He is beside the Father and in consequence of His equality with Him the object of the worship of the early Christians; "All whatsoever you do" — St.See also my in-depth treatment of the rubrics (citing many liturgical experts: which I am assuredly not): Posture During the “Our Father” Over Against the Rubrics.Instead of adoring at Jerusalem or Garizim, men will adore everywhere; the believer will adore in his heart, no matter what his nation, be he Jew, Samaritan, or even Gentile.And he will adore not like the Jews or the Pharisees, with a purely external worship, with the lips, and in a formalist and hypocritical manner, but with a true and sincere worship, which supposed and implies a pure life and upright conduct.It is indeed sometimes said that the stream is clearest near the spring.It is especially the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper, which recalls the ancient sacrifices.Society as such should also render to God the honour due to Him.Extensive reply The Catholic belief about the efficacy of sacraments is…It is the warfare of ideas under their various aspects striving for the mastery, each of them enterprising, engrossing, imperious, more or less incompatible with the rest, and rallying followers or rousing foes, according as it acts upon the faith, the prejudices, or the interest of parties or classes.""But whatever be the risk of corruption from intercourse with the world around, such a risk must be encountered if a great idea is duly to be understood, and much more if it is to be fully exhibited.In this sense we may speak of hero-worship, worship of the emperor, of demons, of the angels, even of relics, and especially of the Cross. 2407, and Bouquillon, In accordance with these principles it will readily be understood that a certain worship may be offered even to inanimate objects, such as the relics of a martyr, the Cross of Christ, the Crown of Thorns, or even the statue or picture of a saint.The Apostles and disciples at Jerusalem continued to go to the Temple, as we see in the Acts (-47; 3:1; ; , etc.).It is almost certain that He carefully observed all the prescriptions of Jewish worship, for a deviation on one point or another would certainly have aroused protests of which some echo would have been preserved in the Gospels.Including a Lengthy Analysis of 2 Peter : “no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation.” Anti-Catholic polemicists David T.I see, then, in the Arian history a palmary example of a state of the Church, during which, in order to know the tradition of the Apostles, we must have recourse to the faithful"The development then of an idea is not like an investigation worked out on paper, in which each successive advance is a pure evolution from a foregoing, but it is carried on through and by means of communities of men and their leaders and guides; and it employs their minds as its instruments, and depends upon them, while it uses them. essay development christian doctrine cardinal newman Furthermore, it is natural that men who believe in the same God and experience towards Him the same sentiments of adoration, gratitude, and love should assemble to praise and thank Him.It is elicited and expanded by trial, and battles into perfection and supremacy.Again worship is private or public; the former, which may be an act of external worship, is performed unseen by men or seen by only a few; the second is official worship rendered by men assembled for a religious end and forming a religious society properly so called.Paul’s Teaching on the Organic Relationship of Grace / Faith and Works / Action / Obedience (Collection of 50 Pauline Passages) More “Catholic Verses” and Biblical Defenses of Catholicism: On Sanctification as Part of Salvation, and Merit and “Doing Something for Salvation” …Such is the explanation of the wranglings, whether of schools or of parliaments.And, to come to later times, was Gregory XIII, when he had a medal struck in honor of the Bartholomew massacre? The man himself has no power over it, or only with extreme difficulty; he did not make it, he cannot destroy it….It’s nothing new or unknown among Catholics at all. A Lutheran professor of history with whom I was debating, stated: “Samuel, Elijah, young Solomon, etc.) did precisely what Hezekiah and Josiah felt commanded by the word of God to reject.” This was a fascinating line of inquiry.But it must be recognized that if He did not directly attack the ancient worship, Christ substituted for it a new worship which would by degrees and naturally replace the Jewish worship.Here on the one hand I observe that a sense of a doctrine, held in this or that country, is not 'sensum universitatis' -- and on the other hand the schola theologorum is one chief portion of that universitas -- and it acts with great force both in correcting popular misapprehensions and narrow views of the teaching of the active infallibilitas, and, by the intellectual investigations and disputes which are its very life, it keeps the distinction clear between theological truth and theological opinion, and is the antagonist of dogmatism.Initial reply Sacraments possess an inherent power to give grace, yet the effect is hindered or rendered null and void if the recipient is in serious sin.For instance, an inspired writer says that 'God is love', -- but supposing a set of men so extend this as to conclude, ' there is no future punishment for bad men?Neither is it difficult to prove that, since man is a social being, his worship should be public and in common with others.(4-18-09) *** It’s often heard that 7 out of 10 Catholics disbelieve in the Church’s teaching on the Holy Eucharist.Prayer is addressed to Him as the living God, the Lord God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the God of our fathers, or simply to the Lord our God. For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew , 20). He ordained that baptism should be given in His name as well as in the name of the Father, "baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew ). they shall lay their hands upon the sick" (Mark , 18). John this idea is emphasized: "That all men may honour the Son, as they honour the Father" (); "Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, that will I do; that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Paul has just been speaking of prayer — "in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the Father by him" (Colossians ), which is like the ending of our own prayers.Interior worship is to be distinguished from exterior worship.In the worship which Christ paid to God He shows Him to us as the Father. His name becomes consecrated for prayer in the formulas, "By the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts ), "By the name of thy holy Son Jesus" (Acts ). Stephen prays to Him: "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit" (Acts ). They likewise abound in the Apocalypse, usually in the form of a doxology, e.g. The formula of baptism was given, as has been seen, In the doxology the Holy Spirit also has a place with the Father and the Son.And so, as regards existing opinions, principles, measures, and institutions of the community which it has invaded; it developes by establishing relations between itself and them; it employs itself, in giving them a new meaning and direction, in creating what may be called a jurisdiction over them, in throwing off whatever in them it cannot assimilate.This occurred on my Facebook [public] page underneath the posting of the related article, Holding Hands at Mass During the “Our Father”.It necessarily rises out of an existing state of things, and for a time savours of the soil.And while the differences of the School maintains [sic] the liberty of thought, the unanimity of its memebers is the safeguard of the infallible decisions of the Church and the champions of faith."Letter to Isy Froude from July 28, 1875; quoted from "Here, of course, I must explain: -- in saying this, then, undoubtedly I am not denying that the great body of the Bishops were in their internal belief orthodox; nor that there were numbers of clergy who stood by the laity, and acted as their centres and guides; nor that the laity actually received their faith, in the first instance, from the Bishops and clergy; nor that some portions of the laity were ignorant, and other portions at length corrupted by the Arian teachers, who got possession of the sees and ordained an heretical clergy; -- but I mean still, that in that time of immense confusion the divine dogma of our Lord's divinity was proclaimed, enforced, maintained, and (humanly speaking) preserved, far more by the 'Ecclesia docta' than by the 'Ecclesia docens;' that the body of the episcopate was unfaithful to its commission, while the body of the laity was faithful to its baptism; that at one time the Pope, at other times the patriarchal, metropolitan, and other great sees, at other times general councils, said what they should not have said, or did what obscured and compromised revealed truth; while, on the other hand, it was the Christian people who, under Providence, were the ecclesiastical strength of Athanasius, Hilary, Eusebius of Vercellae, and other great solitary confessors, who would have failed without them. essay development christian doctrine cardinal newman These objections were first formulated by the Protestants of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, who violently attacked the ceremonies of the Church, especially the Mass, as being tainted with idolatry and paganism.Thus understood worship depends on the virtue of religion and is the manifestation of that virtue...."Cited in "As little as possible was passed at the Council -- nothing about the Pope which I have not myself always held -- but it is impossible to deny that it was done with an imperiousness and overbearing willfulness, which has been a great scandal."On the requirement that the authoritative words of popes and Councils be interpreted through the 'passive infallibility' of the 'whole body of the Catholic people' (including the 'investigations and disputes' of the school of theologians):.' In answer to this I observe that there are no words, ever so clear, but require an interpretation, at least as to their extent.Each man should make his worship, like his religion and his creed, in accord with the principles of free inquiry (cf. The attacks of the Protestants, especially those of the Protestant Middleton, are cited in the articles on worship by the author of this article, quoted in the bibliography; we cannot here resume this discussion, but will merely summarize the origins of Christian worship.This it is that imparts to the history both of states and of religions, its specially turbulent and polemical character.The only point on which a protest of this kind was manifested was the observance of the Sabbath and certain prescriptions which the Pharisees followed in too narrow a spirit.At first no one knows what it is, or what it is worth.But it should not be purely interior worship, as Sabatier, with certain Protestants and most Deists, maintains (Sabatier, , 1908, 5); for man is not a pure spirit but composed of body and soul, and he should adore God not only in his soul but also in his body.When it is said that He was satisfied with a wholly interior worship, thereby condemning exterior worship, the assertion is wholly gratuitous and is contradicted by facts.The body of the faithful never can misunderstand what the Church determines by the gift of its active infallibility.Christ did not abolish at one stroke the ceremonies of Jewish worship.This article will deal with Christian worship according to the following definition: When worship is addressed only indirectly to God, that is, when its object is the veneration of martyrs, of angels, or of saints, it is a subordinate worship dependent on the first, and relative, in so far as it honours the creatures of God for their peculiar relations with Him; it is designated by theologians as the worship of , a term denoting servitude, and implying, when used to signify our worship of distinguished servants of God, that their service to Him is their title to our veneration (cf. There is here no confusion or danger of idolatry, for this worship is subordinate or dependent.One man’s words will be in blue, and a woman’s in green.(12-16-09; reformulated and abridged on 3-15-17) *** Catholics believe in sola gratia, but reject sola fide as an unbiblical innovation.Peter infallible on that occasion at Antioch when St. or Liberius when in like manner he excommunicated Athanasius? Since then infallibility alone could block the exercise of conscience, and the Pope is not infallible in that subject-matter in which conscience is of supreme authority, no dead-lock, such as implied in the objection which I am answering, can take place between conscience and the Pope.""Man has within his breast a certain commanding dictate, not a mere sentiment, not a mere opinion or impression or view of things, but a law, an authoritative voice, bidding him do certain things and avoid others.This is Conscience, and, from the nature of the case, its very existence carries our minds to a Being exterior to ourselves; for else, when did it come?But even if this principle of a natural right did not exist to prove the necessity and legitimacy of a social worship, the fact that Christ founded a Church, that is, a society of men professing the same faith, obeying the same laws united with one another by the closest bonds, implies the existence of the same worship.The complicated whole which constitutes the Catholic religion is not, according to these writers, of Christian origin and is to be condemned in the name of a purer Christianity.Finally, theologians usually connect worship also with the virtue of justice; for worship is not an optional act of the creature; God is entitled to the worship of intelligent creatures as a matter of justice.First came baptism, which might have been more or less clearly prefigured by the ablution of the Jews, but which assumed a new character in the Gospel and which is truly a new rite, for it is baptism in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. essay development christian doctrine cardinal newman Whatever use may fairly be made of this image, it does not apply to the history of a philosophy or belief, which on the contrary is more equable, and purer, and stronger, when its bed has become deep, and broad, and full. essay development christian doctrine cardinal newman

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