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bullying essayBullying essay -“Not that long ago, it was dismissed as an unfortunate rite of childhood,” wrote Cloud. ” Glass 3 (Cloud3) Are we going to have to wait until that 37 is a 50% to realize that THIS IS A PROBLEM?[tags: Bullying, Schools, Cyber Bullying, Harassment] - Bullying has always been a problem within the past century and has become an epidemic.Well I hate to break it to you but this individual is back and is more equipped than before, preying on the weak and vulnerable in the cyber world (internet).Suicide is the third top causes of death in young people within the United States, averaging at 4,400 deaths a year, with over 50% of these deaths as a result of some sort of bullying....Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-24, behind motor vehicle accidents.Is bullying going to be another statistic in this world?If a teacher see’s the bullying or anyone really should stoop it to don’t be afraid! We as adults need to model how to treat others with kindness!But when that fails, it must be brought to the attention of someone in authority, like a teacher.The author's comments: This was originally an article I wrote for my school newsletter because I was sick of how much bullying was going on at my school.Nevertheless, bullying can physically and emotionally destroy the victim, whether it is by physical abuse, cyber bullying, or verbal abuse.Bullying is everyone’s problem; therefore everyone has to be part of the solution.Bullying is a major problem that we haven’t been able to stop, every year more and more people become bullied at school and online, if we take a stand against bullying and not encouragedit I believe that we can put an end to it! People have been bullying over the internet on social media sites such as Facebook and even twitter.The matter was he used his Facebook, which was the same thing his roommate Dharun used to bully him in which to state his suicide.As well as social networking sites people have also used our new technology of texting to harass people.Nobody like’s a bully and being one just makes matters worse.Bullying is a form of violent behavior that happens not only in the schools but everywhere....Their is no real debate about the effects of bullying on both the bully and the victim.Nowadays, physical bullying is becoming a very serious and detrimental problem.[tags: social issues, bullying] - Bullying, in its many forms, is becoming an extremely hazardous problem that many individuals endure.Later in the day at lunch a few kids mutter nasty words at her as they pass by, kids she doesn’t even know.bullying essayIf you condone bullying in any way, shape or form, you are taking part in it.[tags: Bullying ] - When one thinks of bullying, schoolchildren and their, sometimes abusive, behavior often comes to mind.Are we going to let the suicide rates go up because of this!?!?I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!! The numbers of kids that are starting to become victims as well as bullies are increasing.‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ That’s the Golden Rule and it should be followed in every aspect of your life.The first line of defense in bullying is in student’s own behavior.The basic definition of bullying is when your behavior hurts or harms another person physically or emotionally.Parent’s think that bullying in schools is just “a part of school” which is complete utter nonsense! Department of Justice reported that 37% of student’s do not feel safe at school because of bullying!Small jabs taken every day can add up to a lot of pain and suffering.Statistics show that on a daily average 160,000 children miss school because they fear they will be bullied again (Hall and Jones 3) Bystanders could really help stop bullying if they stood up right when it is happening! Say you’re 15 right now when you have children do you want them to feel unsafe in school?? That just saying something mean can develop into so much more.The only way to end bullying is to talk about it openly rather than making it a taboo issue.Bullying is everyone’s responsibility and the option of doing nothing is unacceptable in civilized society.Some people may consider mocking someone funny, even though it is anything but funny to the victim.[tags: cyberbullying, bullying law, anti bullying] - A child comes home from school crying. Her concern is next time Billy may go a step farther and hurt her son....The rates of suicide due to bullying are currently higher than they have ever been before.There is teasing and name calling, there is also picking and shoving the kid....According to the news, there are countless cases of bullying, many of which do not have happy endings.[tags: Bullying] - “Most bullying takes place in school, outside on school grounds, and on the school bus community (“Facts about Bulling”).” So it is easy to say that bullying is affecting many schools and this issue should be addressed should be addressed. S schools creating the emergence of many organizations and programs at state and local levels that are working towards decreasing bullying.The New Oxford American Dictionary (Stevenson & Lindberg, 2010) defines ‘bullying’ as “[the] use [of] superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” This will be the definition used as there is no legal definition of bullying.... “Everyone hates me.” Her son replied with a sniffle. This is not the first time he has come home crying from something Billy has said.This is why you must speak to a teacher you trust and know will do something to stop the bullying. bullying essay There are many different types of bullying, which may lead to a victim becoming violent later on.You may not see it, you may not know it is there, but it is happening and it causes unimaginable pain to the victims.Most recently, it took a crime wave of “cyber bullying” before our media and leaders in the Untied States gave it attention; now that the American people realize that the “classroom bully” has evolved into a more dangerously clever and sinister...You turn on the news and you are hearing about kids being bullied and the end result is suicide. Not only is it happening in our schools and social networks, but also in the work place.“Prevent Bullying” 3-30-12 Stopbullying.gov/prevention/index/Cloud, John “The Myths of bullying” Time 3-12-2012 1-7 Megan, Kelly and Jones, Carrie Dear Bully.[tags: Cyber Bullying] - Many kids all around the world are abused by their parents, peers or even by complete strangers. At a first glance, we might think that it is an older kid beating/teasing a younger classmate however; bullying consists of much more than this.[tags: Bullying, Harassment] - In the past many have focused on drug and alcohol use in school aged students along with students carrying weapons to schools, it seemed as if no one was recognizing the significance of school bullying.Bullying can happen in school, so it is the responsibility of students to protect their classmates and to show everyone the dignity and respect they would like to be treated with.If someone was in a position to stop you from being bullied and did nothing, how would you feel?When the victims see no way out, they may choose to tragically end their life, leaving more hurt behind for those who were unable to stop it.The death of a young person is always a waste of life, so how many more lives must be wasted before something is done?Are you even remotely aware of how much pain these victims feel every day?[tags: cyber bullying, physical bullying] - Introduction Bullying has been a part of schooling for as long as children have been congregating.Bulling should not be happening in school teachers should be making it stop and start being aware that it IS HAPPENING!!!(Prevent Bullying) Another reason bystanders are afraid of standing up for the victims is because of their fear of being the next victim of the bully. Yet it doesn’t matter if a bully is stopped then he cannot bully anyone anymore! “Kids learn from adults” (Prevent Bullying) Anti bullying programs are another great way to stop bullying though most don’t come for free.Bullicide is the act of killing oneself because of being bullied and that is exactly what he did.[tags: Bullying Essays] - Nearly a quarter of all students ages 6-19 are bullied or harassed at school as a result of their beliefs, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and more (“Bullying”).One day when Sarah arrives at school she notices other kids staring at her and whispering, but she doesn’t think too much of it.Not only does physical bullying scar the person emotionally, but it can also scar them physically....This is because people like you and many others stand by and let it happen without contemplating how much pain this is causing people. bullying essay Cloud wrote, “The largest anti-bullying company, the Olewus Bullying Protection Program, charges thousands of dollars to large school districts that need to train educators to recognize and report warning signs of bullying, like repeated introverted behavior among the possible victims. Yet people let peole get away with bullying everyday.If someone is hurting another person, they will not stop unless someone (either a fellow classmate or someone in authority) stands up for the victim and tells their tormentor to stop.The concept of someone in authority failing to address the problem is simply not acceptable.The most noticeable remarks used in schools is when the word “gay” is used in a negative way, usually to mean that something is “stupid” or “dumb.” About 70% of LGBT students state they have often heard these types of remarks....They go to school knowing they’re going to be hurt and they see no way out.There are some programs and organizations that are successful and are able to really impact students while there are others that are not so much....People should not bully over the internet or at all for that matter. On the internet the victim and the bully has the whole world watching as their audience. Glass 2 Bulling in school is still in play as well.Dan Olweus, a pioneer in bully behavior research documented that 2.7 million children are affected as victims, and that 2.1 children act as bullies (Fried, 1997, as cited in Aluedse, 2006).Canada has the third-highest teen suicide rate of all the industrialized nations, with 15 deaths per 100,000 people.Cyber bullying is what its called when you bully someone over the internet.[tags: Bullying] - “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” These words have been repeated countless times, but they are not accurate. Bullying has become a highlighted problem within our society, and bullying in the school systems is even more prominent.After school she turns on her cell phone and see 15 text messages from numbers she doesn’t know, all of them calling her horrible names like “skank” and “bitch.” Once she is home Sarah checks her e-mail to find messages like the ones on her phone, but one of them has a link....Bullies torment others because they themselves have insecurities, have been bullied themselves, or have a mental illness that brings out the worst in them.I hope not so far hope has not helped the victims but one day it will.However, because of social media people are becoming more aware of the issues associated with bullying and how it has become a trend in today’s society.In addition to that, as the pain increases, each jab cuts a little deeper.The various types of bullying that exist and the attempt to entirely eliminate them is not achievable because of individual and environmental factors....With bullying cited as the reason for violent, gun-related crime in the past few years, school districts as well as national governments have put anti-bullying policies in place....For victims of bullying, they go to school every day facing harassment, taunting, and humiliation.The author's comments: I had to do this for English paper but I'm so passionate about stopping bullying i had lots of fun with it, The statistics are scary and i wanted people to realize what they are doing!!! I was bullied and so many others were to i was just trying to make light of the bad situation that we are constantly in but no one seems to care.... Bulling has been an exceeding issue over the years… Bulling affects everyone not just the victims of bulling but, the bully’s and everyone surrounding them. bullying essay Well I hate to break it to you but this individual is back and is more equipped than before, preying on the weak and vulnerable in the cyber world (internet). bullying essay

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