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2012 ap world history exam essay questions

2012 ap world history exam essay questions2012 ap world history exam essay questions -Others are concerned that 9th grade's too soon for AP Geo; indeed, it’s the only AP course taken by a significant # of 9th graders.Request a no obligation estimate to see how cost effective this service is.The most challenging essay for most AP English Lang students was the rhetorical analysis of Clare Booth Luce’s speech (Q2). The most challenging AP Macroeconomics free-response question was #2, the money market question: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-macr… Students worldwide earned all 90 out of 90 points possible on this year’s AP Microeconomics exam.Many schools will charge more than $94.00 in order to cover additional administration costs.Essays: students scored lowest on Harper’s poem but some readers mentioned great essays recognizing parallels to jazz improv.Students generally scored lowest on FRQ4, which requires a paragraph-length electrostatics explanation: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-phys…Some big news: this year’s AP Physics C: Mechanics students appear to have achieved by far the highest scores ever on this exam.Psychometricians college profs lowered the pts needed for 2,3,4,5 on this year's AP WH exam to match the difficulty of the FRQs. But there's also need for more focus on evidence-based writing in class.25% of AP Psych students knew no concepts in Q2; a good predictor of your AP score is how many of these you know: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-psyc…It pains me to report this, but the AP English Literature scores this year are the lowest they’ve been this decade.AP Computer Science A students dominated the 2nd free-response question (class design); more than half the students earned 8-9 pts out of 9.Multiple-choice topics: students earned highest scores on African art, and lowest scores on architecture.Schools will continue to retain $9.00 of the exam fee and will be billed $85.00/exam (for full priced exams).Most college admissions officers don’t prefer some APs over others; of ~30% who do, AP Euro History is the AP history that most impresses. Scores are higher than in 2011, when 67,000 fewer students had access.The most difficult AP Chemistry question was Q6 on Mg(OH)2. AP Chemistry students scored best on Q1 (CCl4 synthesis): secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-chem…These are preliminary breakdowns that may change slightly as late exams are scored.Multiple-choice: students scored highest on 20th century prose texts, then pre-20th, then lowest on 21st century prose.On the other hand, 30% of AP Computer Science A students were stumped by Q3 (string processing), earning 0 pts: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-comp…AP Eng Lang tchrs = delivering such opportunities at massive scale.But what about this year’s AP World History students who had a very difficult free-response section? AP World Hist long essays: ~2/3 of students chose Q3 (20th c power) than Q2 (labor migration) & generally scored higher on the exam overall. So we'll improve the stability, focus and consistency of the free-response section and rubrics, as announced already to teachers.AP Calculus AB free-response: students earned the highest points, on average, when modeling rates (Q2): secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-calc…105 students, out of 61,000 worldwide, earned all 80 points possible on this year’s AP Computer Science A Exam.2012 ap world history exam essay questionsShort answer questions: students scored very well on #2 (printing centers) & #4 (Scientific Rev).This is why for next year we’re streamlining the rubrics, focusing the free-response Qs on stated periods & giving more essay topic options. My summary of AP World History data: students demonstrate high levels of ability on the multiple-choice section. Part of this is due to too-difficult questions and too many skills on the rubric.Please let others know about these AP Exam Score Distributions Tweet In 2017, more than 440,000 students registered themselves online for over 860,000 AP Exams at 1030 schools using Total Registration's service.Students scored best on FRQ2 (experimental design, forces); ~20% of students earned 10-12 pts out of 12 secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-phys…Students scored well across the multiple-choice questions, esp on questions about Big Idea 2: fields in space & interactions.This resonates for me, since as a kid who got Cs in 9th grade history, I sure didn’t seem like AP material for 10th grade AP Euro.Students generally scored so high on each topic in the multiple-choice section that there’s nothing to single out.When AP Human Geo began ('01), most students were seniors; 62% scored 3 . Some educators believe AP Human Geo is a great opportunity for 9th graders to get a first taste of college-level rigor.My objective in these comments: transparent reporting of what I hear from schools & see in the data, to inform educators/students.Please Follow @totalreg as we Tweet every time this page is updated.Students, out of 55,000 worldwide, earned all 90/90 points possible on this year’s exam.AP Computer Science has expanded from 26,000 to 61,000 students since 2012, when the most frequent score was a 1. The most difficult multiple-choice questions for AP Computer Science A students seemed to be the “object-oriented programming” ones.I once heard calculus described as one of the supreme achievements of the human mind.Multiple-choice: solid work across all topics; questions on critical commentary on readings were most challenging.Students generally did best on FRQ 2 (experimental design: resistivity) and FRQ3 (lenses, refractions): secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-phys…In 2011, the most frequent AP Microecon score was a 1; in 2017, the most frequent is a 4. Many AP Microecon students found Q2 (production & costs) incredibly difficulty; 23% of students earned 0 pts on it: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-micr…AP Spanish Literature scores are higher this year than last; most frequent score is a 3, then 4.Students scored lowest on multiple-choice questions regarding Science Practice 5: Data Analysis and Evaluation of Evidence.Multiple-choice: students generally found interpersonal listening questions more difficult than interpretive listening & reading.When exam scores get better, credit's due to teachers/students achieving more, rather than the exam (equated from yr to yr) getting easier.In my own family, I’ve seen these poles: one relative received a 1, the other a 5, both taking AP Human Geo as 9th graders. 2012 ap world history exam essay questions 1 student, out of 107,000 worldwide, our future Secretary of State, earned all 130/130 pts possible on this year’s AP Euro History exam.The most challenging question on this year’s AP Calc AB exam involved modeling w/separable diff (Q4); 49% of students earned 0 points on it.DBQ (American independence, 1763-83),~84% of students were unable to demonstrate the synthesis skill.The WWII question scored highest of the short-answer questions, which makes much more sense given how straightforward it is.The percentage of AP Statistics students who earned 0 on each free-response question: 1: 25%; 2: 21%; 3: 30%; 4: 17%; 5: 42%; 6: 53%.Free-response questions: students scored highest on graphic analysis of f’ (Q3): secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-calc…I’m grateful my school took a chance & gave me the opportunity.Short Answers: Q2 (WWII) earned highest scores, then Q4 (Vietnam); Q3 (Reconstruction) was lowest; 50% earned 0 on it secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-us-h…Very stable performance in AP US History this year; new courses are keeping up; experienced courses achieving as well or better.It’s hard to disagree.1 AP Statistics student, out of 217,000 worldwide, earned all 100/100 points possible on this year’s exam.AP European History scores are in, and are way up, significantly higher percentages of 4s and 5s in comparison to last year’s students.AP US History long essays: ~5x more students chose to write on 19th Amendment rather than market revolution.3 students, out of 160,000 worldwide, earned all 100/100 points possible on this year’s AP Chemistry exam.Watch your back, @Nate Silver538 AP Statistics multiple-choice: students knew exploring data & sampling/experimentation well, but struggled w/probability/simulation & statistical inference.Multiple-choice: students scored best on questions on topics from 1648-1815.Students scored highest on Q3 (magnetostatics) and lowest (by far) on Q1 (electrostatics): secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-phys…AP Human Geography scores declined again this year (2017) as the program expanded from 185,000 to 200,000 students.The only topic where AP Physics 2 students generally did poorly on multiple-choice questions was Big Idea 3: interactions between objects.We’re developing an official Pre-AP world history/geography course, which may be a better fit for 9th grade in some schools.Multiple-choice: students scored highest on topics prior to 600 CE, lowest on topics post-1910. Free-response section is not a stable enough target for teachers/students, as you’ll see from low scores on SAQ/DBQ/LEQs.Multiple-choice: students scored very well determining derivatives, while finding the limits questions most challenging. 2012 ap world history exam essay questions Students scored very well on multiple-choice questions about population, industrialization, & economic development.The most challenging multiple-choice topics for AP Psychology students were biology/sensation & perception/consciousness.Many found AP Phys C: Mech FRQ2 (energy; Newton’s laws; kinematics) tough; In AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism this year: smaller percentages of 5s and 2s; higher percentages of 3s and 4s.Students scored low on FRQ4 (energy, kinematics); ~20% of students earned 0 of 7 pts possible: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-phys…Good to see that the AP Physics 1 and 2 scores have again improved this year, steady progress since these new exams were launched in 2015.Students generally performed well on multiple-choice questions about population.ATTENTION: The College Board is increasing the suggested AP Exam fee for the 2018 exams to $94.00/exam, a $1.00 increase from last year.AP Phys E&M Q2 (circuits) was a great, challenging question; students who can earn 3 students, out of 303,000 worldwide, earned all 150/150 points possible on this year’s AP Psychology Exam.42 of the Course Desc.); 41% earned 0/7 on Q1: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-huma…Good to see that the AP Physics 1 and 2 scores have again improved this year, steady progress since these new exams were launched in 2015.Students found modeling w/separable diff(Q4) & Maclaurin series (Q6) very difficult; about 24% of students earned 0 pts on them.DBQ skill most students failed to demonstrate on this year’s Glorious Rev topic=synthesis; 74% didn’t show this ability.They find evidence that taking AP Human Geo, regardless of exam score, benefits their students and creates a college-going culture.AP Statistic students generally did a solid job constructing a confidence interval in Q2, the highest-scoring FRQ: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-stat…This year’s AP Art History students performed almost exactly the same as last years’, so the score distributions are virtually the same.For all AP exams, profs psychometricians shift points needed up /down depending on difficulty of questions. Thus any variations in exam difficulty=removed, so AP scores changes each yr reflect changes in student ability, not changes in rigor. Daily writing to sources= best for AP exam & college success.AP Env Sci students had similar performance on all 4 free-response questions, finding Q4 slightly more difficult: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-envi…AP Human Geography presents some interesting issues & I want to be very careful in my comments; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.The best example this year of a too-difficult question is the AP World History DBQ, which was very hard for college students & AP students. Most AP World History students struggled on the short answer questions: 62% earned 0 on Q1, 53% earned 0 on Q2, 48% earned 0 on Q3.As educators, we can’t decide what students will do w/the opportunities we give; we can only decide whether to give opportunities.Multiple-choice: students scored better on 20th century texts and prose, than poetry and pre-20th century texts.The AP Economics scores will be a tough act for other subjects to follow – the highest in years. The AP Economics scores will be a tough act for other subjects to follow – the highest in years. If you can answer most or all parts of Q1 (perfect competition), it predicts well your overall AP score this year: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-micr…Students scored higher this year than any other year this decade: ~56% earned 3 vs ~49% in 2011.The most challenging question for AP Spanish Literature students was Q3, analysis of Conde Lucanor as an example of didáctico medieval. 2012 ap world history exam essay questions The most challenging essay for most AP English Lang students was the rhetorical analysis of Clare Booth Luce’s speech (Q2). The most challenging AP Macroeconomics free-response question was #2, the money market question: secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap/pdf/ap-macr… Students worldwide earned all 90 out of 90 points possible on this year’s AP Microeconomics exam. 2012 ap world history exam essay questions

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