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contast essaysContast essays -For any application basically, you will cover all the types of test cases including functional, negative and boundary value test cases. Try writing the simple test cases as mentioned in above test case format.This sentence can change the whole course of your conversation. Hope u understand what i was intending to convey Regards, Tiger2Kthanks a lot Tiger,your answer is very useful.Then on the basis of the requirement document, QA Team wrote Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Strategies.If the application doesn’t exist how come we do Testing.So, What we do is, During initial releases/versions of SRS, Just we keep reading the documents and try to analyse what is what of the domain/product. Means that, No more huge modifications are expected. Do u have any idea from which website i can get some dummy project for practise? Hi to all,me too started my career towards Qulaity World(Testing). Hello Sir (Govardhan Reddy M), I am working as Beta software tester. Recently i gave interview for designation of “QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEER”. There were 3 problems;1 of real world scenario of Restuarant and 2 were of computer related,each of increasing difficulty.This Build is now deployed to different testing environments where different types of testing were performed.I dont see any thing wrong in asking for feedback of the interview. The above discussions and the information is really help ful to us like newer to testers. what shud i do so that i should not be left behind?? raji Hi Im just starting my career as a QA and im a consultant so i guess u guies know how it works. Win Runner- QTP 5) How to find the number of items in a Select list? I am sending the answer for your question which method is fallowing in my office.Once the defects are found, the testers will prepare the defect report and send to the PM. Once the defects are logged, then those defects would be discussed in the defect status meeting and would take further actions (meaning, closing, reopening, retesting of defects etc). Awesome…Really this site will help all the people who dont know anything about testing.Level 3: This is the stage in which you will group some test cases and write a test procedure.i set myself very high standards that is why i am never satisfied and try to do better. but i am sure, if i would have been the interviewer.Assumptions: Test data: Variables and their values Steps to be executed: Expected result: Actual result: Pass/Fail: Comments: So here is a basic format of test case statement: Verify Using[tool name, tag name, dialog, etc] With [conditions] To [what is returned, shown, demonstrated]Verify: Used as the first word of the test case statement. You can use ‘entering’ or ‘selecting’ here instead of using depending on the situation.The developers started coding their modules (started programming).I will be thankful to all who send me the information. Sunny (#167 & #169), Truely speaking, There is no difference in test cases what we learn from institute to that of real time test cases. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Success is meaningless unless it is translated in to significance”. Amrendra (#170), Don’t wait for someone to apprise you regarding job openings related to testing. if we write it – it has to writewhite box testing: ——————- code based testingblack box testing: ——————- code is blocked (testing from user perspective) we don’t know how the wiring has been done in our home for electricity usage, but we have to make sure that, If the switch is on, the bulb has to glow clear? They are looking for insurance domain in manual testing . They are looking for Database testing in insurance domain . Project Name MBP-Capturing TAT for product Channels Test Condition & Cases Prepared By Date Project ID 6000455 Test Condition & Cases Reviewed By Date Test Level UAT Test conditions & Case Reviewed By (Project team) Date Modules Applicable for this Test Level Admin Module, Transaction Processing, Transaction Monitoring, Archiving, TAT Reports and Security Matrix No.Level 1: In this level, you will write the basic test cases from the available specification and user documentation.There are few other domains like, Telecom, Finance, Logistics, Pharma, Helthcare, Biotech, etc. Regards, Vijay Dhii can u mail some of the test case formats plsss i am working in a web designing company as a testing engineer,, and i am the only one testing engineer there so no other person to help me there and right now i do my work in a unsystematic way so i want to do it systematically so need some formats by which i can take help thank you but please i request you to mail these formats as soon as possible,aditya aditya_raj_123@Dear Arma (#207), For sure test cases will be written/author in excel sheet only (But not in excel sheet also), Means that not in MSword or Notepad or etc., For additional information, Read out my comment number carrying 186 here in this page itself. Test engineers will be highly appreciated for such category of issues/defects. Workaround here: Selecting each check box manually and performing the operation. And plz help in filling the Fields below for login page.Regards, Tiger2KRajatha and Sajani, Yes, you should follow up on the status or feedback of the interview. Asking doubts does not make any one small it actually sends a statement to others that your interested in learning. with out any experience how will i tune my knowledge of testing ?? Win Runner- 4) What are the coding/scripting languages supported by Winrunner/QTP?For few other details, you may refer to my other comments/replies as well. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. He has also given me a scenario in which I have to write a test case 3. Because QA team or Testing team is making the application to break here itself instead of allowing the application to break at the customers/field end. Means what to write for this fields if we are testing login page. Assumptions: Test data: Variables and their values Steps to be executed: Expected result: Actual result: Pass/Fail: Comments: Dear Goverdhan reddy I am unable to explain the examples of system testing and functional testing whenever the interviewer asks me.Hi, If anyone asks “what is the domain of your project? what we should answer…i am really confused with this question from past 1 month…please help me….i am about to complete my training…hope wil place in a project….#195, HI Anoosh, Lets assume, if you are working on an application called ‘Internet Banking’, if you have been asked for what domain are you working on, then you can say, BANKING. (Work around means, Alternate way to over come from this problem, eg., Rebooting the application etc.,) QA team can’t go ahead with further testing process until and unless if this works. This category of defects will be given high severity by the project manager to get this defect fixed immediately (with in a very short period of time). Means that, Testing team can go ahead for further process of testing approach because of the work around. But not getting selected/enabled and more over operation carried out is not getting succeed ( not getting effected on the below check boxes, Operation here may be reboot, delete, halt etc., whatever). Hi all, can you help in writing testcases for a login page.Suppose if AR is not equal to ER, Then we write the actual output of the SUT. SRS/PRD/HLD – Max cases we are going to receive these documents from client side. Press “yes” if asks for confirmation/print receipt Expected Result: If the amount entered (5000) is less or equal to the balance available (excluding minimum maintenance balance), Then ATM machine should display a message “Please wait while your transaction is being processed” followed by counting the notes exactly equal to the sum of 5000 rupee and has to give out currency for the user ready to take. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. Enter correct ID and Password and click OK Action: ID=”XXX” Pass=”YYY” Actual REsult: It logs in Expected Result : It should Log in I requset all of you to make a test case of.. Maker should able to edit the Process Flow Template which are approved by Checker.Bug : An Error found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the customer .contast essaysso any budy can tell me who i can get the position of the good tester i need help Hi, I want a format of test cases for Login page of Web site .Keep in mind while writing test cases that all your test cases should be simple and easy to understand. Generally, I use Excel sheets to write the basic test cases.This situation is most common in all IT industries. Whether the client needs some added features or some features to be modified or not. Manish Kumar (#177 & #178), You please go through my comment carrying number 186 And for your information that, Its (Test plan) is just an excel sheet. Means that reboot/delete/halt whatever we do for the main check box after selection, Its getting affected to the below check boxes though they are not enabled/getting selected. 3) What kind of books/material i need to study, so that i can write test cases for such kind of Problem Definitions?“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. If an ATM machine is accepting my card and code and I want to withdraw an amount of 5000Rs but machine is not giving that, how will you write a TEST CASE on this? I am unable to explain them in real time scenario as i am having fake exp with 3 years above.I have prepared manual & QTP but no real time expierience. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Incorrect assumptions lie at the root of every failure, But have the courage to test your assumption.”Dear Ms. par Id=0&seg Id=0&cat Id=A&prod_id=62221&locale=en-US par Id=0&seg Id=0&cat Id=A&prod_id=62221&locale=en-USAbove two links are our current on going projects. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Failures are the pre-requisites for success, If you want to succeed faster, Double the rate of your failure”. Expected behavior of this check box is, If we select/enable this main check box, All the check boxes present below this main check box should get selected. If possible, you contact me at: sanket.025@Thank in advance.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.In this scenario, I request you to give me some idea about preparing for my interview. “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way.”dear sir, THANKS FOR UR COMMENTS THEY ARE REALLY HELPFUL FOR US. instead of 10 digint mobile number press 11 or 12 incorrect number (call should not go) valid number – call should go invalid number – call should not go 5.Thanks & regards plz send me 10 cases of testing for yahoo compose mail,its urgent .i need it for my its basis company will select monday i hav my plz help me.i’ll be thanful to email id: neha_sheokand11@inhi all, i have a question asked in interview. i think the answer i gave was foolish answer and he was not satisfied and i answered for rest all questions.please tell me what was i suppose to answer for such questions? so the remaining 3 points which you did not give for yourself is actually your improvement and learning points, which you will ponder as the time goes on. actually when he asked why only 7, for that i said still i need to get more exposure in manual testing.their are N number of people in the industry, who simply dont talk. open the mail box and do whatever work is allocation to them, they dont explore. this way talent is wasted and that actually affect the person also. Regards, Tiger2Kthanks Tiger,by the way, is it true that we shouldn’t follow up regarding our interview feedback. I have joined as a Testing professional due to my family responsibilties even I was working on . So anyone please help me out by clearing out that what are future oppurtunities in Testing and what are different profiles under this.) should get highlighted (wherein the user can either select or deselect that check box using space bar key in key board). Based on this LLD, We are going to design test plan. Just terms are different from employer to employer rather I would say from client to client. But in some companies (as you said), We (testers) were asked to design test cases using HLD itself. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Impossible is nothing, If our heart is willing”. Means that, Testers can write test cases based on the available SRS (whether clear or not clear), The only difference is, If SRS is clear – Then the coverage of requirements will be more and almost perfect. All check boxes present under the main check box are not getting selected/enabled whenever user selects the main check box.6. But just mandatory columns – if we fill, Report will be get saved/success. But its good to provide more information in detail. Use Active ATM card (card must not be expired) Enter valid pin (correct pin). Once developers accepts that, Then it becomes a defect._______________________ Just break the things in to small pieces. What I felt is that, Interviewer asked you to explain “what is test scenario”? Its why, Interviewer asked you to write a test case for ATM (means that he given you a clue what is test scenrio is? Please note that, Whenever we failed to answer few questions during the interview, After completion of the interview, We have rights to ask the interviewer what are the answers for that. write something click on save should ask for enter file nameso, there are lots of step u can write. Maker should able to Edit the standards for the each activity.Which is referred to SRS or PRD or LLD or Application Guide. While designint test plan (writing test cases), We are going to fill this Expected Result column based on our understanding(s) of SRS/PRD/LLD. Saurabh ( # 248), If you leave the decision to me, To the best of my knowledge (based on 2 – 3 hour of google and my real work environment), I can define the terms as below. On Click of Finish Button the Screen should be navigates to the Screen (“Admin Module-Defining the activities for the Process Flow.”) Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.6 Check whether the maker can able to mapping of process activity with user i wont give full points for myself, then their wont be any scope for improvement” smile a little after this sentence. i would have asked when do like to join our join after this answer :)Regards, Tiger2KRajatha, Dont misunderstand my example of road side shop and five star hotel. but i am giving a generic example of the importance of presentation and choice of words.i said after becoming bit comfortable in manual testing then i want to into automation side like that i continued then he did not satisfied it seems he interrupted and moved to another question.If anybody can come with great idea for this preparation, please let me know. To verify that, Whether the requirements are met or not? I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO WRITE TEST CASES ON’ PEN AND LANDLINE TELEPHONE. if local out going faclity – std calls should not go 6. put it pocket – it should fit (pen should not fall in to the pocket and cap only will be attached/stick/hand to the pocket) 7.Feel free to comment below any query regarding test case writing or execution. I want to apply for the job without experience,will they call me? br generally tester is involved in smoke,& regression integration and accepentence taken care by tester only but onsite takes care of this..So writing test cases brings some sort of standardization and minimizes the ad-hoc approach in testing. Here is a simple test case format Fields in test cases: Test case id: Unit to test: What to be verified?For Testcase Template check the link : I wonder we can do testing on Existing Applications only .Once the developers finished coding, the Configuration Management Team compiled the code together and prepared a build.First Let me write Description to the website of okay? Strictly speaking, HLD is not recommended for writing test cases. Notes: whatever you feel to provide to the developer. Tested in IE 5/6/7 and firefox 2/3 but the behavior remains same. But more the information provided better the bug report will be. And after re-testing we need to send across for QA team to review. can u plz send me the test plan and cases for a blog system this blog, along wid all the functionalities of blog has polling, mailing, chatting, log in, article publishing and drafting, commenting and managing a log of the readers visited our blog. any body pls help me at prtrivedi26@pls send me excel files of cases…Hi, I have done testing course…and searching for job…can anybody help me about scenario based testing…in every interview…they asked a lot of question on “scenario based “….please if u have any “resume” format for 1years experience in testing…..please mail me to amrendra_005@rediffmail.comhai i am suresh B. It is new to me because i am a elec student so pls guide me and i want to know about what is manual testing and how can i write the test case for manual testing pls the details are send to my mail id. Can anyone give me a clear idea of Testing cycle step by step in real time and please explain the Test Scenario with a practical example, when do we write Test Scenario in the Test cycle.hihere is a example 1. click on file select new new page should be open 3. plz post me suggesion plzzzzzzzzzzalso post on my id thawali.saurabh@yahoo.comhi priya,as i already written dat am doing project on web based application and created some handful test cases….which include 1. Maker should able to Edit the attributes of the process activity. contast essays As desired, Here I’m giving you an example which even you can test on your own. Based on that we are going to design test plan (write test cases). Expected Result: If not, ATM should throw a message “In sufficient funds” followed by the print receipt with error code._____________ If the actual result is not equal to expected result, Just make that test case “fail” under pass/fail criteria field. “Failures are the pre-requisites for success, If you wan’t to succeed faster, Double the rate of your failure”hey vijay!! i m doin software testing course & i need some test cases examples for practice,coz i m right now in manual testing session writing test cases & i need more practical cases to reffer. It is new to me because i am a elec student so pls guide me and i want to know about what is manual testing and how can i write the test case for manual testing pls the details are send to my mail is my mail id :- suresh_3d97@Hi E’body, I am new to this forum and I want to start my testing career. how to make hesitate to ask any call me on my id.sikandar.boy@gmail.comhi, all i am doing testing course from seed infotech,mumbai i have completed manual testing and now our project in going on ,,i would like to know what prepartion i sholud do before facing any placement interview,,as am very hard working guy ,i can do some hard work to get selected ,but lil confuse abt wat to do exactly……… Admin Module\Maker Module 1.2 Process Flow Template 1.2.2 Check whether maker can able to Add/Remove process activity from the Process Flow Template Maker Should able to Add/Remove process activity from the Process Flow Template Admin Module\Maker Module 1.2 Process Flow Template 1.2.3 Check whether Maker can able to Edit the attributes of the process activity.If any one interested to teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the right place in chennai. No one can say 10 out of 10 because no one is perfect. More over in regards to manual testing, their is always scope for improvement and learning. it should be for something else or maybe your luck . Regards, Tiger2khi tiger,very glad to see your immediate response.So you can observe a systematic growth from no testable item to an Automation suit. The basic objective of writing test cases is to validate the testing coverage of the application.Based on this document notes, We need to design test cases. Means that before actual execution of the test case, This expected result column will get filled in test plan. Maker should able to mapping of process activity with user roles.Defect : An Error found in the product itself after it is shipped to the customer.Regards, Purabi I would like to ask about how Changes in application GUI keep the previous written test cases usable??What I suggest is that, Till you get understand, Re-read for 3 times, for better understanding. Yes, We testers have to agree that, Its difficult to keep writing (modifying) test cases, as the SRS keeps on getting updated often. As i m a fresher in this field i want some applications for practise so that i can write test cases on them and can find bugs. Do u have any idea from which website i can get such dummy projects for practise? The maker should able to edit the Process Flow Template in the Repair Queue.And plz give me some material on manual testing, and automation testing. Test Name, Step Number, Design Step, Test Description, Expected Result, Actual Result, Pass/Fail Criteriaand may or may not the below fields as well. (When automated tools are used the tests are often initiated by the same process that generates the build itself).************* As said by your mam, It is correct – Refer to the point 8 above. CAN I HAVE UR EMAIL-ID SO THT IF TER IS ANY PROB I CAN MAIL U. You solve all the queries very quickly and logically. in lock mode (if lock facility is availabel) – calls must not go 8. if we lift the receiver during ringing – ringer should get stopped and we should get connected to the user who is calling 10. Thats a very normal scenario (any one can understand)..********************************************* Test cases for Pen: ——————– 1. other refils should not fit (other branded refils) like that.. drop the pen to the ground from minimum distance – it should not get break.. if other branded refil fits perfectly – negative testing – test case failsbut remember that, only enough negative testing should be donetesting pen is a white box or black box testing?The test procedure is nothing but a group of small test cases maximum of 10. This will minimize human interaction with the system and thus QA can focus on currently updated functionalities to test rather than remaining busy with regression testing.And while executing the test case, Then based on the actual output of the SUT/DUT/AUT, we are going to compare this Actual Result with Expected Result and then we are going to fill this column. And this is what I’m goint to update in AR but not ER. Maker should able to define the activity IN time is carried forward from the OUT time of the previous activity.For each and every feature/module, There will be a detailed description which testing team is going to receive from either directly from client or from development team. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. Abhishek, Expected Result is, The output that we are expecting from the SUT (System Under Test) or DUT (Device Under Test) or AUT (Application Under Test). Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.4 In Admin Module: Defining the Product Channel and Product Name :–Check whether the Fields Populated in the Previous Screen are non-editable The Fields should be Populated in the Previous Screen s/b non-editable Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.5 Check whether the “Finish” Button functionality is performing properly.So, In these cases, What we need to do is, We have to say “yes”, We can write test cases using HLD also. But in this case, However, Its difficult to cover all the requirement(s)/functionalities2. But to some extent (may be 15-30 %) changes may happen for every version upgrade. Means that, Forget about the query what you have in your mind “whether i have to write a test case or i have to report it as a defect”. I hope you like this.thanks, anup Hi, Thanks for solving my query. As i m a fresher in this testing field i want some applications for practise so that by using them, i can write test cases and can find bugs. Hi all, Actually for 1 testing test ,they had given us one printout of form present in their appl. but 1 guy was sittg next to me,he wrote testcases in one table(less than 1 page he used)…i dont know wht he wrote in that.he got selected…my ramayana/mahabharat was no use:( I want to ask u all…wht they actually wantslam.. The process flow template should get enlisted in this queue only if the process template is rejected by the Checker.Plz anyone help me…Hi, I’ve found this site very useful & easy to understand. Can you please help me by telling some good sites for beginners to learn how to write a test case.They are technical sound but that is not the only thing which will allow you to grow. no one recognise them since they dont do anything special. everyone says we lose our prestige i mean being experienced we shouldn’t do follow by keep on discussing with the peers and we should always try to use technical terms while discussing, so then only automatically will improve our communication wright.thank you again.. I will be very thankful to you.hi, I must tell u that this is a cool site for all the doubts on Qa. Thinking that i would land into a testing job sooner or later!Yes, It is necessary to write test cases for web applications (or whatever area of testing). Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.2 Check whether the maker can able to define the standards for each process activity Maker should able to define the standards for each process activity Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.3 Check whether the maker can able to define the registration attributes by clicking the “More” Button.because then the question is why did you test the application on 2 different OS.what is the need to test the application on 2 different OS.Here I will share some tips on how to write test cases, test case procedures, and some basic test case definitions. “A test case has components that describe an input, action or event and an expected response, to determine if a feature of an application is working correctly.” Definition by Glossary There are levels in which each test case will fall in order to avoid duplication efforts.Level 2: This is the practical stage in which writing test cases depend on actual functional and system flow of the application.If AR (Actual Result) is same as that of ER (Expected Result), Then we may write the same thing that is mentioned under ER (but should be meaningful) or simply we can say as “same as expected result”. All well, But after tab key, The application is taking me directly to password field instead of getting the checkbox highlighted. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “All men makes mistakes, But fools repeat them”. Visarada (#174 & #175), Necessary documents to write test cases are: SRS (Software Requirement Specification) or PRD (Product Requirement Specification) or LLD (Low Level Design) or Application Guide. here.sample test case for login page case Name : Ensure correct ID and Password Date: Case Description : 1. Admin Module\Maker Module 1.2 Process Flow Template 1.2.1 Check whether the Maker can able to edit the Process Flow Template which are approved by Checker. contast essays After going through this site definitely they will become qualified tester….Hi Rajatha, Your answer was right, but the way you put across may not have gone well with him\her.Thanks & Best Regards, Namita Mishra Hi vijay, You are doing really great job ..really appreciating job…I’ve been called for interview for QA tester position and they say that they will test my ability to formulate test cases. Its a cursory testing (Hasty and without attention to detail). Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer.because ur not testing the OS your were testing the application.In Real customers may use our application/product in their environment, hence you need to assure that your product/application works perfectly with their environment. Srikanth Testing Analysthi rajatha In some situations we have to test our application in different os platform that is also one type of requirement i.e., customer wants to use his application on two different os, at that time we have to test the application in two os environment.i think this is enough for u if u have any doubts send me to my mail id gsreddy50@gmail.comhi all i am new to testing i want some help from u r s u have any notes on web testing & example test cases please send me to my mail id gsreddy786@am always thankful to them who sent me the notes Hi Rajatha, I am really not sure what was the intent of interviewer to ask about the OS.Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “No one is incharge of your happiness except you”. Balaji (#171), Nice to listen that you are in to web testing. Normal health checkup to a build of an application before taking it to indepth testing. Designed to touch every part of the application in a cursory way. Sometimes referred to as “rattle testing” – as in “if I shake it does it rattle? It is done by the developers before the build is released. It is done by the testers before accepting a build for further testing. Tester “touches” all areas of the application without getting too deep, looking for answers to basic questions like, a. “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”Govardhan Reddy M, Hatts off to you man……… This is totally new to me and give me some advice please. Maker should able to define the list of activities for the process flow.Actually most of the people follow the below techniques: 1. Actual Result is what the SUT/DUT/AUT actually gave the out put. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Results matter, Efforts won’t”Dear Mr. Admin Module\Maker Module 1.1 Process Flow Template 1.1.7 Check the Iterations between the activities.Coming to your question, How to write test cases for web bases applications? Dirty test cases etc Whatever strategies (techniques) you follow, We need to makesure that, Each and every corner of the functionality has been covered to the best of our knowledge and understanding(s). Maker should able to define the registration attributes.” How to write Testcases for Make it clear about your question…@anita Test cases should be understandable by a third party have no knowledge of the application to excecute testing.Thanks & regards, riya HI tiger2k, your reply seems very logistic…appreciative job,…u forward some test case samples and scenarios as i’m going to attend one job interview…and the interviewer is also going to take test on my ability to write test cases…so in this scenario, do u have any tips to cope with this situation. My email add is koirala_amod123@Thanks, riya I need some information about testing. The purpose is to determine whether or not the application is so badly broken – That testing functionality in a more detailed way is unnecessary. These written tests can either be performed manually or using an automated tool. I WILL BE REALLY THANKFUL TO YOU IF YOU CAN HELP ME OUT. Goverdhan Reddy, I like your way of answering for the questions. if local & std outgoing facility – isd calls should not go 7. ——————————————————- In real time work environment we’ll be provided with a phone and document.. write on paper – it should write (without any discontinuity) 4. if not use and throw – change refil it should fit and write as before 8. writing on a glass – negative testing – it should not write (if it writes, then test case fails) 11.Means that may be development team is engaged with busy shcedules and found no time to author LLD. If SRS is not clear, To the best possible way, Testers are going to make use of the available SRS for covering to a max extent. But the updates are really not in full change to the previous SRS. Description: Clean and concise explanation of the Synopsis.7. Its up to us.———————————————– Coming to next query: See Subi, He asked you to write test case. test case is what you do in your application and case covers all the functionality of the application. it seems that all of you are new to this field…Most of you are concerned about test case.. Admin Module\Maker Module 1.3 Verifying the Repair Queue 1.3.1 Check whether the process flow template is get enlisted in the repair queue and verify the maker can able to edit the process flow template in the repair queue.About the communication part rajatha, well yes i always belived in a professional environment communication is a must. All these above conversation was quite helpful for me.Hi vijay, Thanks, I like this web site ,it is very useful want get itto this testing feild, it is giving self confidence. Is it easy to get job.@hemadri Sample test case for Valid email [a A-z Z] ||[0-9] this meta language allows user to enter any comnination of alphabet including numbers as well as period& underscorfe leaving period& underscorfe at the 1st place Cheers!! I am working in a company frm 4 years as conversion. Can u give some simple testing advice how to learn frm begining. u shd not confuse urslf since all done by tester only but by different tester…This is the widly acceptable criteria for making a test case and we cas say it should be legible and easy to understand…Hi Friends, Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to switch my career to testing.Use any tool like ‘Test Director’ when you are going to automate those test cases. ujjan@swarna see swarna its all depands on com to com..But some times, With the very first version of SRS only, Testers were asked to start designing test plan, So, No alternate. Because, We can’t go against to client requirements/needs. Regards, Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Results matter, Efforts won’t”Dear Mr. Even though the below check boxes are not getting selected/enabled, But the operation carried out will be coming in to effect. But writing test cases for these kind of problems Statements is quite difficult. Regarding this, i have few queries:1) What are the responsibilities and actual working of “Quality Assurance Engineer” & “Software Testing Engineer? 2) If both engineers are different, then what kind of activities they have to do in an company?in other words How to make the unusable test cases usable after a CHANGE in GUI takes place???If you have mentioned in your resume that you have tested this application on 2 different OS then his question makes sense.its another thing that the interviewer is ready to provide or not :)but asking is your right, because u also spend your precious time attending interview, as much as he/she spend time taking on. also can anyone send me a sample to test cases to my id rajyakumar@ A vendor sent me the following questions and for me it were difficult, can anyone help. The testing process is as fallows First of all the Business Requirement Document was prepared as per the client’s requirement.Check the difference this sentences make : Your sentence :”actually when he asked why only 7, for that i said still i need to get more exposure in manual testing.”Better way : ” I think learning never ends, so everyday i learn from whatever i do and feel that their is certainly a scope for improvement. contast essays Then on the basis of the requirement document, QA Team wrote Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Strategies. contast essays

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