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data warehouse case study healthcareData warehouse case study healthcare -Our hosted offering removes a huge barrier for our potential customers.November 2012 Journey to Perfect: Mayo Clinic and the Path to Quality Part of an initiative to explore the “Next Generation of Quality Leadership,” this case study will describe the development of the Mayo Clinic’s culture of quality and how leaders drove a system-wide transformation using a unique quality model that included aspects of continuous improvement, the Baldrige criteria, lean, and Six Sigma.August 2011 A Better Way to Perform Portable X-rays A cross-functional team at Aurora St.January 2009 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children: Ferrari’s Formula One Handovers and Handovers From Surgery to Intensive Care (PDF, 136 KB) Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) benchmarked its handoff from cardiac surgery to the intensive care unit against pit stop techniques of the Ferrari Formula One race car team. Four of the network’s critical care or coronary care units have reported no cases of VAP for at least two years, and one unit has eliminated all cases of this deadly infection since December 2003.Process improvements have reduced workers' compensation costs, increased productivity, and improved patient safety.The data model inside Knowledge Edge was originally developed at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.The organization earned a Silver Award from the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation in 2010.June 2009 Rural Hospital Thrives With Continuous Improvement and Innovation (PDF, 210 KB) High patient satisfaction resulted from a culture change at Wright Medical Center.The first big installation they completed together demonstrated that Logicalis was the right choice. "We assure our customers they won’t have to deal with finger-pointing between hardware and software vendors."We identified six criteria a partner would need to meet," Ostrander says.Read the online case study presentation or download Imaging Core Lab Takes Quality Beyond Regulatory Requirements with ISO 9001 (PDF).HCD, at the same time, is leveraging its relationship with Logicalis to offer healthcare customers a Saa S version of Knowledge Edge hosted in the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud.Value stream mapping helped identify and eliminate non-value-added steps. Luke’s Hospital has improved patient satisfaction scores from the 49th to the 90th percentile. Bringing Order to Orders at the Nebraska Medical Center (PDF, 118 KB) The Nebraska Medical Center used Six Sigma to improve the completeness and availability of physician orders for patients; the project occurred within a Six Sigma program that has returned about $7.5 million in savings. Dutch Hospital Implements Six Sigma (PDF, 61 KB) A Six Sigma implementation at Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, shows that even small projects can make a big difference. Surmounting Staff Scheduling Challenges at Valley Baptist Health System (PDF, 53 KB) A project on staff scheduling led to an overall reduction in the hourly cost of overtime and agency use, translating to $460 thousand in potential savings. February 2016 Using Control Charts in a Healthcare Setting This teaching case study features characters, hospitals, and healthcare data that are all fictional.Innovative Partnership The rapid evolution and market acceptance of Knowledge Edge are the result of an innovative partnership between HCD and Logicalis that leverages and extends the capabilities of both firms.Updated new edition of Ralph Kimball's groundbreaking book on dimensional modeling for data warehousing and business intelligence!April 2009 Streamlined Enrollment Nets Big Results for Healthcare Leader Kaiser Permanente Colorado used Lean Six Sigma to evaluate and improve Medicaid enrollment processes.Recognizing that the technical side is only one piece of the puzzle, leadership and the project team turned to a formal set of critical success factors to engrain the change into the culture.July 2012 Imaging Core Lab Takes Quality Beyond Regulatory Requirements with ISO 9001 Medical Metrics Inc.Real-world examples of how quality can make a difference in the delivery of warehouse case study healthcareUsing DMAIC to Improve Nursing Shift-Change Assignments In this case study involving an anonymous hospital, nursing department leaders sought to improve efficiency of their staff’s shift change assignments.Cloud Offering The market is changing quickly, and the adoption of hosted solutions in healthcare is accelerating.To top it off, they are a leader in private and public cloud computing and knows how to make a good first impression. By the time I got there, everything was going well." Taking Care of the Customer A key message in HCD’s marketing is that they take full responsibility for implementing and integrating the Knowledge Edge enterprise data warehouse in a customer’s IT environment.Read the online case study presentation or download Lack of Reported Medication Errors Spurs Hospital to Improve Data Focus, Patient Safety (PDF).They know how to work within HIPAA guidelines and understand healthcare’s need for uptime and security. They had the required expertise, and they established a good rapport with the customer.Following the improvement project, the hospital earned $1.2 million in first-year incremental revenue.In response to this, an important strategy for us is to grow our hosted Knowledge Edge solution," says HCD Product Manager Pat Bickley.The hospital was named a Press Ganey Success Story recipient in 2007 and a Silver Award winner in the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence program. Prescription for Community-Based Healthcare Includes ISO 9001 (PDF, 270 KB) The Community Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic demonstrates how ISO 9001 principles can provide a framework for a community model of care delivery and patient safety. More than 80 staff from the hospitals assisted with this effort by employing lean tools, obtaining benchmarking data, and standardizing work activities.March 2011 Barnes-Jewish Hospital Enhances Quality Patient Care by Embracing Lean (PDF, 530 KB) The organization-wide lean curriculum at Barnes-Jewish Hospital combines an education program for all employees with focused improvements in value streams.This new third edition is a complete library of updated dimensional modeling techniques, the most comprehensive collection ever."At the university, we had a whole IT shop to lean on," recalls HCD Chief Technology Officer Mike Ostrander.At the same time, the organization concluded that its accreditation process failed to provide a significant challenge, so it returned its “certification” to the auditing body.August 2015 Lack of Reported Medication Errors Spurs Hospital to Improve Data Focus, Patient Safety A quality improvement project at Medcare Hospital in Dubai centered on unreported medication errors.A three-month project resulted in a 45 percent gain in Medicaid membership while increasing Medicaid revenue by more than $1 million annually. Community Health Network Reduces Deadly Infections Through Culture of Reliability (PDF, 223 KB) Community Health Network (CHN) has achieved stunning results in reducing cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) using specific bundles of care.Trading Accreditation for Performance Excellence Model (PDF, 386 KB) To move forward on its journey to excellence, Spectrum Care searched for the right quality framework and discovered the New Zealand Business Excellence model.They were recommended by IBM and Cisco and have demonstrated high-level ITIL best practices during more than a decade of experience providing managed services.September 2011 Reducing Wait for MRI Exams Gives Akron Children's Hospital Competitive Edge The Radiology Department in this northeastern Ohio hospital used Lean Six Sigma to reduce wait times for MRI exams by days and weeks.David’s Health Care first adopted the Baldrige criteria, leaders viewed it as an improvement framework to shape a culture of quality and performance excellence.The Knowlege Edge solution is delivered as a standalone offering installed in a customer’s data center and remotely monitored and managed by Logicalis or as software as a service (Saa S) hosted on the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud (LEC) platform. data warehouse case study healthcare Upon value stream mapping the process, team members identified the shift nursing report took 43 minutes on average to complete.Read the online case study presentation or download Using DMAIC to Improve Nursing Shift-Change Assignments(PDF).In 2008, the hospital received a Silver Award in the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence program.Clinical quality and financial benefits included: Clearly there was a market for advanced analytics beyond the Wexner Medical Center so the group of data warehouse experts who developed the data model formed Health Care Data Works to take it to market.Health Care Data Works (HCD) ( is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for healthcare organizations.They shifted to a more open communication model and a pillar system that focuses on six areas of performance improvement.Using DMAIC and other quality tools, team members improved the process’ sigma level from 0.7 to 3.3.Within two years after landing his first job, he received two promotions and tripled his salary.Created by the Department of Defense and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Team STEPPS™ is a teamwork system based on lessons learned from “high reliability organizations,” such as military operations, aviation, and community emergency response services.She notes, "Hospitals and health systems of all sizes are trying to find a way to reduce capital budget expenses and the overhead of managing systems in-house.March 2015 Systematically Improving Operating Room Patient Flow Through Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen Events (PDF, 450 KB) In this case study, learn how Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, PA, used value stream mapping to identify and execute seven lean projects within the perioperative department over four years.Process improvements resulted in increased patient safety and decreased error rates. June 2008 Emergency Department Prescribes Lean for Process Improvement (PDF, 179 KB) When the Mercy Medical Center emergency department used lean techniques to improve process flow, patient satisfaction scores rose from the 30th to the 95th percentile. Luke’s Hospital Breaks Out of the Pack to Improve Patient and Physician Satisfaction (PDF, 238 KB) Since implementing its Baldrige-based “breaking out of the pack” strategy, St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend, Wisconsin, has used failure mode and effects analysis to create a healthcare facility aimed at reducing errors and promoting patient safety and satisfaction through design. Heroes Wear Scrubs Too (PDF, 54 KB) After the collapse of the World Trade Center, teamwork helped emergency department staff at NYU Downtown Hospital meet a demand far greater than this small hospital normally handles. Upon implementing a variety of low-cost solutions, staff members felt more comfortable in reporting errors, thus providing valuable information for building safer systems.November 2010 Taking Process Improvement Beyond the Quality Department (PDF, 326 KB) Since adopting the Baldrige criteria as a framework for process improvement in 2005, Genesis Health System has earned two statewide bronze-level performance excellence awards and one silver award.Logicalis, for example, is beginning to leverage its relationship with HCD to expand its own healthcare practice by introducing prospective hospital clients to HCD’s healthcare business intelligence and analytics solutions as a partnership offering that showcases and supports its own portfolio of capabilities.Customer and provider surveys demonstrate 100% satisfaction with the clinic, which uses a controlled document system based on ISO 9001, internal and external auditing, and preventive and corrective action plans. Pocono Medical Center: Faster Lab Results Using Six Sigma and Lean (PDF, 188 KB) A Six Sigma/Lean project helped a laboratory develop a solution for delivering blood test results to doctors by 6 a.m. Its pioneering Knowledge Edge product suite is an enterprise data warehouse that includes a robust data model along with pre-built analytic dashboards, applications and reports, and provides health systems the analytics they need to provide insights into their operations and help them become more effective and efficient.Logicalis is providing services they are very comfortable with, and there are never any issues.The hospital is now a destination of choice for healthcare in north central Iowa, with some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the nation.April 2011 Healthcare Provider Formalizes Improvement Framework, Captures State Honors (PDF, 720 KB) Child Serve adopted the Baldrige/IRPE (Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence) framework to structure its process improvement journey, earning a bronze-level IRPE award in 2010 with its first application. data warehouse case study healthcare We wanted to find a partner for the technical and hardware aspects of the solution." The founders of HCD applied the same diligence to finding a partner that they employed in developing Knowledge Edge."If something goes wrong at one of those locations, somebody has to go out and touch it. They let us focus on what we’re good at, and they take care of all the rest." More than just a provider of technology, Logicalis has become a true business partner with HCD.Using an organization-wide approach, Spectrum Care applied the new framework to all service areas and activities.A cross-functional team used the FOCUS-PDCA model to determine root causes and identify potential improvements.Knowledge Edge Enterprise includes a unified data model built exclusively for healthcare and bundled software, hardware and support that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and time it would take health systems to build their own.The results of being able to apply advanced analytics to improve operations at one of the largest and most diverse academic medical centers in the country were dramatic.The first edition of Ralph Kimball's The Data Warehouse Toolkit introduced the industry to dimensional modeling, and now his books are considered the most authoritative guides in this space.Read the online case study presentation or download A Better Way to Perform Portable X-Rays (PDF).They knew at the outset that they couldn’t do it on their own.The case is best suited for MBA operations courses and modules, particularly those focused on operations/process improvement."When we started HCD, we wanted to focus on what we did best – healthcare analytics.The RNC was experiencing problems related to workspace organization, use of utility rooms, and treatment space shared among patients.June 2010 Quality Engrained in Culture at Iowa Hospital (PDF, 250 KB) The plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle, data-based decision making, and lean methodologies are part of the quality culture at Guttenberg Municipal Hospital.Upon use of the case study in classrooms or organizations, readers should be able to create a control chart and interpret its results, and identify situations that would be appropriate for control chart analysis."It turned out that technicians from Logicalis were on-site a week before we got there. We are their one throat to choke if anything goes wrong.The fact that I can lean on a large multi-national organization that does this stuff every day and has a good reputation strengthens the HCD value with our customers." "I’ve got installations in Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, California and New Mexico and soon in other states," Ostrander adds.It covers new and enhanced star schema dimensional modeling patterns, adds two new chapters on ETL techniques, includes new and expanded business matrices for 12 case studies, and more.October 2011 ASQ Certification: My Competitive Advantage in a Tough Economy (PDF, 361 KB) This recent college graduate jumpstarted his career in healthcare by obtaining the CQIA and CSSBB certifications.MMI worked with an external consultant to create an integrated management system—a fusion of regulatory requirements with the ISO 9001 framework—and received certification to the standard in less than seven months.February 2012 Department of Defense Tools Help Hospital Foster a Culture of Patient Safety (PDF, 536 KB) Abington Memorial Hospital created a culture of patient safety and improved communication among staff using the Team STEPPS™ program. data warehouse case study healthcare August 2011 A Better Way to Perform Portable X-rays A cross-functional team at Aurora St. data warehouse case study healthcare

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