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blackbeard vs al capone essayBlackbeard vs al capone essay -Jobb hjn felcsapnak biztonsgi rnek s egy alapos (kt rs) kikpzs utn munkba is llnak.This trip was punctuated by some comedy, a few details about our city's nongangster-related history, songs of the era played on a speaker system, a raffle for prizes and images of mob characters flashing from five TV monitors ( Steve Railsback - The Cowboy Richard Blum - Loader Sharon Wyatt - BMW Woman Nicholas Worth - Transvestite Tito Puente - Band Leader Ira Miller - Toxic Guard Rick Avery - Cobb David Hess - Gunman No.4 David Wohl - Prosecutor Tina Plackinger - Health Club Woman No.1 Randolph L.Pitkin - Loader Nils Nichols - Senator Bruce Kirby - Police Captain Lynn Vandegruft - Party Woman Janet Hirshenson Wilson Camp - Older Man at Party Melanie Gaffin - Little Girl Christine Dupree - Peep Show Girl Christopher Mankiewicz - Plainclothes Detective Murray Lebowitz - Party Gent Susie Jaso - Health Club Woman No.2 Seth Kaufman - Gay Biker Stacy Keach Sr. - Police Captain Judy Landers - Noreen Savely Kramarov - Olaf Joe Seely - Kid Tom "Tiny" Lister, Jr. Jay Saunders - Mayor Daphne Wilder hrom lny bszke desanyja, irntuk rzett szeretete nem ismer hatrokat.Lester - Director Brian Grazer - Producer / Screenwriter James Keach - Producer / Screenwriter Harold Ramis - Screenwriter Peter Torokvei - Screenwriter Fred Schuler - Cinematographer James Di Pasquale - Composer (Music Score) Michael Melvoin - Composer (Music Score) Bill Meyers - Composer (Music Score) Daniel Hanley - Editor Michael Hill - Editor Gregory Prange - Editor David Snyder - Production Designer Jerry A.This was an under-the-radar hit for a couple of years before going on hiatus, and it returns July 26 to its Chicago home, the charming Boni Vino restaurant at 111 W.Despite the all-too-real modern city violence that annually claims hundreds of victims, many of them innocent children, tales of the past bloodshed and tears that have fallen on our streets have an eerie nostalgic glow."All of which brings us to the return to Chicago of "Johnny Boy's Graduation," a crafty theatrical creation, the technical term for which is "interactive, environmental dinner theater," meaning that audience members become part of the proceedings, as much or as little as they might like.Mac Lean (Tom Skerritt) and his loving wife (Brenda Blethyn). A gengszterek clja, hogy biolgiai fegyverekkel tmadjk meg New Yorkot s Moszkvt.Bartleby "B" Gaines (Long) is a high school senior whose street smarts just never seemed to translate into the classroom, and whose bad luck in love has left him pining for the unattainable Monica (Blake Lively). Student Matt Noble - Big Larry Lisa Gleave - Kiki's Best Friend Alejandra Gutierrez - Kiki's Best Friend Jim O'Heir - Mr. Schrader Jay Harik - Family Friend Mathew Vigil - Shoe Store Boy Debbon Ayer - Shoe Store Mother Carla Jimenez - Shoe Store Manager Ned Schmidtke - Board Chairman Tim Bagley - Vice Principal Matthews Ray Santiago - Boy Going to Princeton Margaret Travolta - Academic Counselor Brian Powell - Economics Teacher Mike Daily - Stressed-Out Student Jeff Duby - Stressed-Out Student Scott Adsit - Drop-Off Dad Lindy Loundagin - Drop-Off Mom Steven E. It's apparent to most viewers that the Richard Pryor appearing in this film is a far cry from the actor most have seen previously; this is the first film undertaken by Pryor following a very serious illness  Maurice Phillips - Director Ziggy Steinberg - Producer / Screenwriter Victor J.A balht a kt szerencstlen flts nyakba akarjk varrni, de azrt mindennek van hatra!The tour guides were "Shoulders," who did the driving, and "Johnny Three Knives," who did most of the talking, affecting something approximating a "dees and dem" Chicago accent.Across the street from the Mc Donald's sat, as noted before, the Rainforest Cafe, but none of the tourists, and few of the rest of us, can remember that it was once a concoction known as Capone's Chicago.Meg Ryan also shows up in an early leading role  Mark L.A kt flts mindent megtesz, hogy elkapja a tetteseket, kzben pedig pillanatok alatt fegyveres karnevll vltoztatnak egy tbb milli dollros rablst.Az sk a plafonon, ha nincs fsuli, nincs j lls, s nincs jv. When the weight of rejection begins to set in after being denied entry to every college he has applied to, a high school burnout attempts to placate his mom and dad and win the heart of his dream girl by scheming with his friends to create a fake university in a hilarious comedy of artificial education directed by Steve Pink and starring Justin Long. Together they manage to get involved in an inheritance scam that's loaded with troubles and trials for all.Erre kvncsiak fiatalok s vnek,hisz tudjk,hogy kihagyni vtek!Womack - Construction Coordinator Cast: Justin Long - Bartleby "B" Gaines Jonah Hill - Sherman Schrader Adam Herschman - Glen Columbus Short - Hands Maria Thayer - Rory Lewis Black - Uncle Ben Blake Lively - Monica Mark Derwin - Gaines, Jack Ann Cusack - Diane Gaines Hannah Marks - Lizzie Gaines Robin Lord Taylor - Abemath (A. D.) Diora Baird - Kiki Jeremy Howard - Freaky Student Anthony Heald - Dean Van Horne Travis Van Winkle - Hoyt Ambrose Kaitlin Doubleday - Gwynn Sam Horrigan - Mike Welsh Ross Patterson - Mc Naughton, Mike Artie Baxter - Mike Chambers Kellan Lutz - Dwayne Brendan Miller - Wayne Chantelle Tibbs - Confused Kid Christian Long - Sandwich Mascot York Fryer - S. Pollard - Brad (uncredited) Dennis O'Sullivan - Traffic Cop Kevin Pollak - Phil John Candy s Eugene Levy beveti magt a biztonsgi rk veszlyekkel s vgtelen mszakokkal teli vilgba e kacagtat akci-vgjtkban.Just last week there landed on my desk two new novels: "The Lazarus Conspiracies" by Richard Rose (released in August 2013), about "a maverick Chicago cop (who) uncovers a conspiracy that people with immense power will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep secret," and "Gangsterland" by Tod Goldberg (due Sept. a legendary hit man for the Chicago Mafia."The Tribune last year published "Capone: A Photographic Portrait of America's Most Notorious Gangster." It has been very successful, and on its heels is coming "Gangsters & Grifters." This gathering of photos from the paper's substantial archives has an introduction by yours truly, in which I write: "There is no city on the planet that can boast more world-famous bad guys and bloody deeds than Chicago, and — in a mildly disturbing way — we relish the association.Fear dot com also stars Stephen Rea, Jeffrey Combs, and Udo Kier.  William Malone - Director Limor Diamant - Producer Moshe Diamant - Producer / Story Author Josephine Coyle - Screenwriter Christian Sebaldt - Cinematographer Stuart Balcomb - Musical Arrangement Nicholas Pike - Composer (Music Score) Alan Strachan - Editor Jerome Latour Burckhardt - Production Designer Frank Godt - Art Director Makus Wollersheim - Art Director Jan Fantl - Co-producer Rudy Cohen - Executive Producer Mark Damon - Executive Producer Frank Hbner - Executive Producer Elie Samaha - Executive Producer David Saunders - Executive Producer Romain Schroeder - Executive Producer Andrew Stevens - Executive Producer Mona Kino - Set Designer Michaela Quast - Set Designer Nick Adams - Sound/Sound Designer Carlo Thoss - Sound/Sound Designer Vanessa Baker - ADR Voice Casting Reinhold Broil - Construction Foreman Alain Cadieux - Swing Gang Cinesite - Visual Effects Helen Coker - Third Assistant Director Jake Corbett - Second Assistant Camera Maurizo Cremisini - First Assistant Camera Daniele Dionisi - First Assistant Camera Brenden Donnison - ADR Voice Casting Martin Evans - Supervising Sound Editor Eric Jean Francois - Cable Person Michel Gauthier - Swing Gang Alain Horper - Electrician Hypnosis - Visual Effects Daryl Jordan - Visual Effects Editor Deborah Judah - Runner Saesa Kiyokawa - Third Assistant Director Heimfried Kober - First Assistant Camera Kurtzman, Nicotero & Berger EFX Group - Makeup Special Effects Joelie Marchand - Production Secretary Tim Mc Govern - Visual Effects Supervisor Media Cube Studios - Visual Effects Nadia Meidi - Production Secretary Jens Muller - Swing Gang Netinho Ornei Nunes - Greensman Yves Ouimet - Generator Operator Sebasten Pelland - Third Assistant Director Thomas Piepenbring - Second Unit Director Jim Probyn - Third Assistant Director QIX - Visual Effects Renata Siegl - Negative Cutter Uwe Stechhan - Swing Gang Olafu Stefansson - Third Assistant Director Sandra Steir - Negative Cutter Christopher Taylor - First Assistant Camera Theo Theodorides - Second Assistant Camera Alessandro Tibiletti - Visual Effects Supervisor Emiliano Topai - Second Assistant Camera Marco Tremblay - Swing Gang Ann-Kristen Wecker - Clapper Loader Harry Wiessenhaan - Special Effects Supervisor Cast: Stephen Dorff - Mike Reilly Natascha Mc Elhone - Terry Houston Stephen Rea - Alistair Pratt Udo Kier - Polidori Amelia Curtis - Denise Jeffrey Combs - Styles Nigel Terry - Turnbull Gesine Cukrowski - Jeannine Michael Sarrazin - Frank Bryant Jana Guttgemanns - Little Girl Anna Thalbach - Kate Derek Kueter - Officer #1 Mascha Litterscheid - Nurse #2 Lex Kreps - Tenant Anjelika Khromova - Ashley's Mother Dean Gregory - Maintenance Man #1 Anja Van Greuningen - Ashley Isabelle Van Waes - Victim Joan Mc Bride - Mrs.Oh, it's cheesy in an inoffensive way and not at all unsatisfying, as could be determined by the smiling faces at ride's end. A few tipped the guides, while some others bought souvenirs of their ride: eight items were available, including a "Gangland Graves" DVD ($15) and a shot glass featuring Capone's face ($5).blackbeard vs al capone essayDaphne tudja ezt, s ezrt elhatrozza, hogy megakadlyozza legkisebb gyermekt abban, hogy ugyanazokat a hibkat kvesse el, amiket is elkvetett annak idejn.From 1993 to 1996 it offered an animatronic tour featuring a 30-minute film of "hits" hosted by Capone, including a shadow wall re-enactment of the aforementioned 1929 St. Its facade was comprised of a series of false storefronts for such "establishments" as Joe's Barber Shop and the 51st Ward Democratic Headquarters (ha ha).Van Buren St., close to the Metropolitan Correctional Center (Johnny Boy's "home" for the last six years).Burns Stephen Shellen - Neal Burns Nicole Burdette - Mabel Susan Traylor - Rawhide Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Young Norman Vann Gravage - Young Paul Noah Snyder - Copy Boy at Newspaper Lincoln Quesenberry - Drunk in Alley Madonna Reubens - Aunt Sally Robert Redford - Narration Fred Oakland - Mr. Word of the deadly cargo has leaked out to a group of fanatical Russian terrorists, who have ambushed the sub and stolen the powerful virus.Where Norman wants to be a college literature professor, Paul would prefer to stay in Montana all his life and wrangle some kind of job writing for a local newspaper. Matt Hendricks (Dolph Lundgren) is a Special Forces officer with the United States Marines whose significant other, Dr.It seems the website features a sexy woman offering kinky fun to those who enter her domain, but clicking the wrong icon takes users on a journey into fear.Frank Dooleyt (Candy) az gyetlen rendrt s Norman Kane-t (Levy) az ostoba vdgyvdet rptik korbbi llsukbl.A gimi idelis terep szmra, csakhogy itt az rettsgi, aztn jn a fiskola. Mert szimpatikusan pimasz hsnket mind a 8 egyetem eltancsolta, ahov jelentkezett. Csakhogy a trkk tl jl sikerl, s az j fsulira az orszg minden rszbl znlenek a klnc arcok. It's not too long before Wilder figures out a way to make a little dough at the expense of his impaired charge.Amikor azonban a fekete kertsznek fit, majd magt a kertszt is hallra knozzk a brtnben, lassanknt rjn, hogy a trsadalma az igazsgtalansgra s az elnyomsra pl.Az egykori ldozat most azt akarja, hogy lljanak bosszt rte; s a rendr bartnjvel el is indul a Doktor rejtekhelye fel...Maclean Emily Lloyd - Jessie Burns Edie Mc Clurg - Mrs. Lynda is helping to escort a cache of Agent Red back to the States; Agent Red is a powerful biological weapon, with no known antidote, that could kill the population of a major city in a matter of hours.Blackbeard," a surreal, silly and scatological offering from the third season of something called "Epic Rap Battles of History" on You Tube.Over two hours, the bus coursed through the city, to the former sites of Dion O'Banion's flower shop and "Big Jim" Colosimo's restaurant.Beachley Mercia Davids - Sadie Hugh Masekela Thoko Ntshinga - Emily Ngubene Kevin Johnson - Gert Stephen Hanly - Sgt."They have the two greatest audiences for theater in the country, but Chicago, even more than New York, has the gangster DNA woven into its culture. We traveled down Michigan Avenue and Taylor Street, past the former Biograph Theater, where Dillinger saw his last movie, and the former site of the garage on Clark Street where a certain massacre occurred.- Judge Robert Gray - Butcher Lisa Figus - Woman at Party Edith Fields - Party Guest Larry Hankin - Kokolovitch Larry "Flash" Jenkins - Raisin Sylvia Kauders - Older Woman at Party Robert Burgos - Mel Nedler Royce D. Maggie pszicholgusknt dolgozik, a legrettebb a nvrek kzl.Gandhi: Everything you preach, I said it first / you should jot down these words, plagiarize my whole verse!Bruwer Rowen Elmes - Johan du Toit Gerard Thoolen - Colonel Viljoen Stella Dickin - Susan's Mother David de Keyser - Susan's Father Andrew Whaley - Chris John Kani - Julius Sophie Mgcina - Margaret Bekhithemba Mpofu - Jonathan Tinashe Makoni - Robert Precious Thiri - Wellington Richard Wilson - Cloete Derek Hanekom - Viviers Michael Gambon - Magistrate Paul Brooke - Dr.Friedman - Executive Producer / Unit Production Manager Brian Lutz - Executive Producer Mike Perez - Executive Producer Viva Wang - Set Designer Sara Andrews-Ingrassia - Set Decorator Genevieve Tyrrell - Costume Designer Steve Cantamessa - Sound/Sound Designer John Halaby - Sound/Sound Designer Michael St. Ullman - Camera Operator Dave Scott - Choreography Joseph Middleton - Casting Odin Benitez - Supervising Sound Editor Susan Bierbaum-Owen - Script Supervisor Nickolaus Brown - Costumes Supervisor Chris Carpenter - Re-Recording Mixer Ryan Craig - Second Assistant Director Michael Hilkene - Supervising Sound Editor Voni Hinkle - Department Head Hair Kathleen Keller - Production Coordinator Andy Koyama - Re-Recording Mixer Chris Kruize - Production Accountant Matt Kutcher - Special Effects Supervisor Scott Allen Logan - Location Manager Timothy Marshall - Chief Lighting Technician Eugene Mc Carthy Jr. Williams - Gloria Biff Yeager - Benziger Peter Schuck - Foster Peter Vogel - Bavarian Seppo Viljanen - Masseur Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi - Headwaiter Billy Beck - Harry Dennis Washington - Frankenstein Allison Cowitt Mike Fenton Catherine Coulson - Nurse Maurice Phillips - Waiter Andy Summers - Band Leader Lothar Beer - Bavarian Vincent Schiavelli - Dentist Gail Cameron - Hayes Jerry Houser - Tim Tammy Hanson - Hatcheck Girl Sheila M. blackbeard vs al capone essay In Armed and Dangerous, John Candy plays a cop who has been kicked off the force on a trumped up charge. The two outcasts take low-paying jobs as security officers at a company controlled by mob boss Robert Loggia.Van Zyl Grant Davidson - Lieutenant Venter Ndu Gumede - Douma Mannie de Villiers - Police Commandant Kkori karcsonyt ki ltott?!Viszont az gyre rlltott rendrrel (Stephen Dorff) egytt rjn, mi a kzs a halottakban.Az apartheidellenes filmben az gyvdknt nyjtott alaktsrt Marlon Brandt Oscar-djra is jelltk.It is a foregone conclusion that Stolz will not be punished, but Mackenzie rises to new heights of withering sarcasm and irony in the courtroom.2002Columbia Pictures / MDP Worldwide / Warner Brothers Apollo Media / Fear.Mg bele se melegedtek az uniformisba, ismeretlen tettesek mris kirmoljk a rjuk bzott raktrt.Herzog Susannah Harker - Suzette du Toit Anna Manimanzi - Soweto Girl Sello Maake - Johnson Seroke Willie Zweni - Aubrey Kunene Ernest Ndlovu - Archibald Mabaso Andre Proctor - Jaimie Charles Pillai - Dr.The Mac Lean family is presided over by the strict but encouraging Rev. - Fake ID Kid Matthew Ching - Fake ID Kid Richard Brown - Fake ID Kid Miylika Davis - Fake ID Kid Laurie Meghan Phelps - Fake ID Kid Portis Hershey - Fake ID Kid Joe Hursley - A Ringer / Maurice Joseph Robinson - A Ringer Jaime Seibert - A Ringer Joseph Stiteler - A Ringer Greg Lutzka - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Chad Fernandez - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Richard Thorne - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Mathias Ringstrom - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Ben Snowden - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Mike Crum - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Kurtis Colamonico - Pro Skater/BMX Rider Jason Jones - Pro Skater/BMX Rider A tengerszet feldertje, Matt szeretne kibklni menyasszonyval, aki pp egy titkos biolgiai fegyver szlltst felgyeli egy tengeralattjrn, nem is sejtve, hogy lesz az egyetlen, aki megllthatja a szlltmnyra plyz terroristkat.Schoolteacher Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland) has been insulated all his life from the horrors of apartheid in his native South Africa. When the son of his black gardener is arrested and beaten as a result of a schoolboy protest in Soweto, at first he imagines the police must have had their reasons.Reilly discovers that all four victims have one thing in common they were all men who logged on to the same Internet website exactly 48 hours before they were killed.So feel free to join all kinds of mobsters, molls, crooners, singers, dancers and waiters as they celebrate Johnny Boy's release from jail.He is one of the original creators and stars of the hugely successful "Tony n' Tina's Wedding." That show was born in New York City in 1985 and was later produced in more than 100 cities in this country and around the world. Estrin - Editor Lynzee Klingman - Editor Jon Hutman - Production Designer Walter Paul Martishius - Art Director Barbara Maltby - Co-producer Jake Eberts - Executive Producer Gretchen Rau - Set Designer Kathy O'Rear - Costume Designer Bernie Pollack - Costume Designer Elisabeth Leustig - Casting Anne Gordon - Animal Trainer/Wrangler Cast: Craig Sheffer - Norman Maclean Brad Pitt - Paul Maclean Tom Skerritt - Reverend Mac Lean Brenda Blethyn - Mrs. However, their romantic problems soon take a back seat to more pressing concerns.On the walk over to the bus there could be seen at a Grand Avenue bus shelter an ad for "Al Capone vs.When Bartleby and his rebellious crew of outcasts find the frequent college rejection letters they have all been receiving bringing endless grief from their disappointed parents, they soon band together to create the fictional South Harmon Institute of Technology. Little - Desk Clerk Ethan Hova - Male Graduate Paraic Mc Gann - BKE Pledge With Jacket Arthur Leo - ESL Student Criscilla Crossland - Go Go Dancer Larke Hasstedt - Go Go Dancer Holly Fielding - Autograph Student Meredith Giangrande - Glen's Party Girl Kate French - Glen's Party Girl Christina Diaz - S. Kemper - Cinematographer Charles Gross - Composer (Music Score) Dennis M.You assumed they were tourists, because who else would be spending two hours of a splendid, sunny weekday afternoon riding around the city and seeking what's left of the glory and gore of gangsterdom? "I love John Dillinger."Three other women were teachers from Mobile, Ala., four people (two couples) in for the day from Rockford, a family of five from Spain and on and on until all but two of the 45-some seats on the Untouchable Tours bus were filled and off we went, at $30 a head.Richardson Frances Potasnik - Nurse #1 Arnita Swanson - Barlow Astrid Skuyat - Alistair's Victim Birthe Wolter - Nina Blank Evie Garratt - Albino Woman Elizabeth Mc Kechnie - Alice Turnbull Gordon Peters - Rooney Sigal Diamant - Nurse Emma Campbell - Goth-Chick Siobhan Flynn - Thana Brinkman Chris Bearne - Warehouse Attendant Nils Brunkhorst - Prisoner Kwasi Songui - Young Detective Matthias Schweighofer - Dieter Schrader Sven Pippig - Henry A szraz fehr vszak idejn Dl-Afrikban egy fehr iskolai tant az egyttrzs s az igazsg embernek gondolja magt, s erre is trekszik, legalbb is egyni szinten.Clarence O'Connell Meg Ryan - Maggie Cavanaugh Brion James - Anthony Lazarus Jonathan Banks - Clyde Klepper Don Stroud - Sgt.However, the boy is picked up again, and this time he doesn't come back. blackbeard vs al capone essay Paul would rather have a good time, drink and play cards than get involved with academic study. A group of renegades who hold the fate of the world in their hands meet their match in an army of one in this action thriller.The bus idled in front of the so-called rock 'n' roll Mc Donald's across Clark Street from the Rainforest Cafe, and the tourists climbed aboard.Braun - Dealer at Lolo Rob Cox - Conroy Tracy Mayfield - Bouncer at Lolo Margot Kiser - Sal Rex Kendall - Reporter Martina Kreidl - Secretary at Newspaper Jack Kroll - Reporter D.   Damian Lee - Director / Screenwriter Noble Henry - Producer Alison Semenza - Producer Ken Blakey - Cinematographer Eric Wurst - Composer (Music Score) Alan B.But, ironically, Paul is the better fly fisherman and in this way attains a sense of perfection. Lynda Christian (Meilani Paul), is a scientist specializing in virus research.At long last he has gotten a glimpse into the truly arbitrary and violent nature of the system he has so long benefitted from, and he hires Ian Mackenzie (Marlon Brando) to prosecute the killer.Stolz Susan Sarandon - Melanie Bruwer Marlon Brando - Ian Mc Kenzie Janet Suzman - Susan du Toit Leonard Maguire - Mr.Terror is lurking online in this thriller directed by William Malone, who also helmed the 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill.Craig Sheffer stars as the young Norman, the older son in his family, who takes his school work and writing a bit too seriously for Paul (Brad Pitt), the impetuous younger son, to take much stock in. Amikor a terroristk uralmuk al veszik a tengeralattjrt, Matt bartnje segtsgvel felveszi a harcot, hogy meglltsa a kzelg katasztrft.The man who created this show and often plays a character in it is Mark Nassar. Chicago audiences and the tourists that come here are curious about it. And because most of our audience is from Chicagoland, they get it and know how to play their parts.There was a gift shop where one could purchase a County Jail pin for 99 cents or loaded dice for $5.99.A rendrsg egzotikus jrvnyra gyanakszik, de a kirendelt szakrt (Natascha Mc Elhoe) nem tall fertzsveszlyre utal nyomot.Hassiem Ronald Pickup - Louw Rosemary Martin - Mrs.In their own stumblebum fashion, Candy and Levy uncover a smuggling operation masterminded by Loggia.After creating a believable faade in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, employing the talents of a close friend's brilliantly subversive uncle (Lewis Black) to pose as the dean, and creating a phony website in order to sell the school to their parents, Bartleby and friends soon realize that all of their hard work has paid off in ways than they never imagined. Hill - Editor Dennis Washington - Production Designer Allan Wertheim - Production Designer / Associate Producer John P. Anderson - Associate Producer Louis D'Esposito - Associate Producer Ted Zachary - Executive Producer Robert R.Few were sad to see this junky place go, but the mob train rolls on, doesn't it?/ Leave your thoughts on the door, like the real Martin Luther / I'm not thinking you shall overcome this, junior!- Properties Master Tom Mc Comas - Stunts Coordinator Kathy Nelson - Executive Music Producer Shari Perry - Key Hairstylist Lisa Rodgers - Post Production Supervisor Amy Schmiederer - Key Make-up Nena Smarz - Department Head Makeup Technicolor Digital Intermediates - Title Design Douglas A. Howard - Employee Gil Mandelik - Maitre d' Kandis Chappell - Gail Peter Michael Goetz - Therapist Tabi Cooper - Dental Patient Norman Glasser - Male Patient Gianni Russo - Carlos Romy Rosemont - Dental Assistant Elsa Raven - Volunteer Sheryl Bernstein - Fan Craig Richard Nelson - Walt Annie O'Donnell - Dental Patient Michael J.Sweeney Elisabeth Leustig Byron Dingman - Speakeasy Patron Michael Cudlitz - Chub Mac Intyre Dixon - Police Sergeant Jim Dunkin - Speakeasy Bartender Hawk Forssell - Bouncer at Speakeasy Chuck Adamson - Harry the Editor David Creamer - Ken Burns Philip A. Agent Red was also released under the title Captured.Baerwitz - Associate Producer Christopher Mankiewicz - Associate Producer Nancy Patton - Set Designer Tom Pedigo - Set Designer Deborah L. - Makeup Michael Paris - Special Effects David Wood - Special Effects Michael Wood - Special Effects Ray Delamotte - Camera Operator Alan R.They were dressed in fedoras, suspenders and ties and brandished, for a moment or two, a pistol. blackbeard vs al capone essay Rizzo Steve Railsback - The Cowboy Richard Blum - Loader Sharon Wyatt - BMW Woman Nicholas Worth - Transvestite Tito Puente - Band Leader Ira Miller - Toxic Guard Rick Avery - Cobb David Hess - Gunman No.4 David Wohl - Prosecutor Tina Plackinger - Health Club Woman No.1 Randolph L. blackbeard vs al capone essay

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